K3 brings ideas and practical focus to issues that are keeping a company stagnant.
Fundraising Solutions
Operating without capital is really not operating, it’s hoping. Being in this void often causes a lack of mobility, which few companies can afford if they want the wind of opportunity to fill their sails.
Among the early stage business community, the task of seeking external capital is often misunderstood and rarely strategized in an effective manner. This typically leads to frustration, misplaced efforts, and wasted time and resources.
K3 suggests the following premise:
  1. No matter how dynamic the growth plan for a company is or can be, without the financial resources, the ability to execute on a strategy is at best an uphill struggle.
  2. Past traditional methods of acquiring capital are time consuming, generally cost prohibitive, and gives a feeling of “rolling the dice”.
  3. The smaller the revenue of a company the more difficult it is to acquire capital through traditional means.
  4. Without a well-articulated plan, pursuit of capital can easily become a mission of throwing darts through trial and error.
K3 offers experience and knowledge of the capital funding market, especially as it pertains to early stage companies (companies doing less than $10M in revenue and / or have not been appropriately capitalized). This market represents a very large spectrum of funding opportunities; however, definitive plans and efforts need to be organized and understood to approach each segment within the investment sector.

K3 has been designed to specifically address the capital concerns of early stage companies and offers a comprehensive, systematic process to aid in this journey from preparation to funding close.

  • New Funding Strategies
  • Funding Preparation
  • Investment Material
  • Funding Options
  • Capitalization Structure
  • Introduction to Funding  Sources

Our Approach

  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Personnel
  • Growth Strategy
  • Board Members
  • Marketing / Image
  • Acquisition Strategy

Corporate Development
In looking to expand, a company must first define their reasons for growth. What are the motivations of the CEO or management team?
  • To bring in more revenues?
  • To capture the market or be a leader in the market?
  • To seek an exit strategy?
Before a company focuses on the steps to achieve growth, they should first determine the desired end result. The process to obtain capital, make acquisitions, grow top line revenues, etc is actually the easy part of growth and companies have been doing these things successfully for decades. However, if the question “What do I want my company to be and why do I want that?” is never answered, then the approach or “how we get there” typically results in misplaced efforts, inefficient methods, or even complete failure.
A task that a company often underestimates is to clearly define the vision and growth strategy. However, this element is most critical simply because investors are more concerned with where you are taking the company rather than where you have been. K3 has orchestrated and / or been a part of numerous corporate development strategies, and from our experiences, we excel at providing clarity on issues causing stagnation and fresh ideas about how a company can more effectively reach a desired goal. Overall, we help a company address their motivations with sincerity and purpose.