Proven Methods for Growth
In one way or another, virtually every company has the same resources available to them for growth. But why do so many fail or not reach their goals? There are all kinds of companies that have raised capital, made acquisitions, built their top line, etc; but only a very small percentage of companies ever reach their growth potential or even come close to their goals. So given that we can figure out what needs to happen, K3 sees the major element of highly successful growth strategies is how the pieces are put together.
K3 seeks to execute on ideas, strategies, and methods that are no different than what current leaders in the industry have done, while incorporating new techniques and methodologies to better suit smaller emerging businesses. K3 looks to replicate those strategies with our clients, but in a step-by-step manner that is easily understood and builds a comprehensive approach to maximize efficiency and productability.
Keeping a Methodical Process
Without knowledge there can be no action, so K3 exposes companies to information, techniques, and methods that are either new or typically unknown among the small business and startup community. In addition to the knowledge and strategy, K3 also brings the ability to execute on the fundamental components of a growth model. 
In working with companies, K3 uses a defined process to familiarize, shape, and execute on certain efforts in a systematic fashion that incorporates deliverables and milestones for a series of stages. The goal of our process is to ensure that core items are not overlooked and the company is not jumping into the endeavor.
Throughout our process, K3 seeks to familiarize and execute on:
  • Developing the growth strategy
  • Business development activity
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Teaming efforts
  • Capital formations
  • Strategic marketing
  • Merger & acquisition strategies