Our Approach - What to Expect
K3’s approach and engagement offers the following:
  • No success fees
  • Non exclusive
  • Menu of services to accommodate a company’s previous preparations
  • Complete transparency and collaboration in who, how and what is being approached
  • Ability to collaborate with other sources
  • Simplistic retainer model
  • Weekly scheduled conference calls to verbally review, update and or discussions

Specifically K3’s services and basic model are meant to:
  • Familiarize a company with the myriad of funding options, surrounding policy, and procedures of execution
  • Review / critique any current material (business plan, executive summary, presentations), provide suggestions, and help formulate material that is within the guidelines of selected investment groups.
  • Set a company up on the various platforms required by investment groups
  • Rehearse “pitch” through a series of critiqued mock calls
  • Take a proactive role in the funding effort by identifying Angel Groups and VC Funds that are consistent with your deal and establish a dialog on your behalf
  • Submit your information to these groups
  • Support / advise on negotiations, additional information request, etc.