Our Approach - What to Expect
Our efficiency and ability to have an immediate impact on a company’s efforts to attract outside capital is a direct result of our process. This systematic and regimented progression is meant to cover milestones over a short period of time based on the company’s capability and comprehension.

When you come onboard, you can expect an immediate deep dive into your deal and a formalized strategy to attract capital and effectively interface with the investment community. Once the preparation stage is complete, we quickly begin introductions to applicable groups within our network and also market your deal to numerous other capital sources. In effect, we completely take on the front end of your fundraising effort, open doors on your behalf, and provide support throughout the entire process.

Specifically, K3’s services and basic model are meant to:
  • Familiarize a company with the myriad of funding options, surrounding policy, and procedures of execution
  • Review / critique any current material (business plan, executive summary, presentations), provide suggestions, and / or create material that is within the guidelines of selected investment groups.
  • Thoroughly prepare a company on how to engage with a funding group by understanding what is most important to an investor and shaping the story accordingly.  Rehearse “pitch” through a series of critiqued mock calls.
  • Take a proactive role in the funding effort by identifying capital sources (angel groups, VC's, micro-VC's, debt / mezz groups, etc) that are consistent with your deal and overall objectives
  • Submit information, "pre-sell" your deal, and make introductions directly to you as applicable
  • Support / advise on negotiations, additional information request, etc.