About K3
The history of K3 is comprised of a multitude of experiences in the capital markets and working intimately with hundreds of senior management teams in every sector imaginable over the last 30 years. Throughout that time, K3 has assumed many different roles for companies of all sizes ranging from single person startups to multi-billion dollar conglomerates in efforts to break into new markets, rapidly expand, capture funding, realign business strategies, or achieve some predetermined corporate milestone.
Throughout all of our experiences, we have come to really enjoy working with small to mid-tier businesses that have a particular motivation to expand in a meaningful way. However, we have discovered that most small companies, particularly startups and early stage businesses, typically encounter or even create environments for themselves that limit them in some capacity from reaching a desired goal.
Because of K3’s breadth of experiences and motivation to help companies move forward with purpose, we saw this deficiency in the small business world as an opportunity to uncover potential avenues that may be unknown, or at least are not given the appropriate attention. Our diverse background allows us to be effective in not only explaining the options available for growth, but also in thoroughly preparing you for raising capital and mapping out a detailed strategy to execute upon.
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Meet The Founders
Thomas Kurk
My passion lies in growing companies in a purposeful manner. Working with motivated management teams to bring their company to their next level has proved to be a fulfilling experience for over 30 years. I truly enjoy seeing how a company and its founders can evolve as well as overcome obstacles in their quest to become a dominant player in their industry.
Managing Partner
"Tremendous value is sometimes hidden under the smallest rock"
I absolutely love working with entrepreneurs and early stage companies. The innovation and ambition aren't found anywhere else in the business community. However, many times the effort can seem similar to convincing my kids why they should eat their vegetables. My goal is always to help founders step out of their comfort zone, understand their true potential, and seek the most effective ways to bring their vision to a reality.
Mark Allen
Managing Partner
"Failure is a powerful experience. Entrepreneurs can gain a lot by watching a baby learn how to walk."